How to prepare for your audiologist visit

If you have never visited an audiologist, you probably will not know what to expect.  But let me put your mind at ease… you are in for a pleasant experience!  It’s your first step onto the great path to better hearing.  You will have a better understanding of your hearing needs and well as suitable solutions.

When you arrive for your appointment, your audiologist will discuss your hearing and medical history with you.  This is to get information on your hearing ability as well as your individual hearing needs.  The hearing examination consists of various tests that assess the integrity of the different parts of the ear.

Following your assessment, the audiologist will explain the test results with you.  At any point, you are welcome to ask questions or ask for clarification.  If there is hearing loss, hearing aids may be recommended (depending on the outcome).  A top tip is to bring someone with you to your appointment.  Remember, hearing loss affects you as well as your relationships with your loved ones.

Be sure to pop me a line in the comments sections if you have any questions at all.



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