Why are hearing aids “expensive”?

So you’ve had your hearing tested and your hearing healthcare professional has given you some options.  The cost of the options is still ringing in your ears and your jaw is on the floor.  You think to yourself… “That kind of money for such a small thing?!  I would rather just not hear.”   But do you know that untreated hearing loss affects so many aspects of your health (read more here).  It may even cost you more in the long-run not to have hearing aids.

So here’s why hearing aids seem to be expensive.  You are purchasing more than a hearing aid.  You paying for a service.  What do I mean by a service?

  1. The hearing aid fitting.  The time taken to test the instruments performance and showing the ins and outs of using your hearing aids.
  2. Follow-up appointments which are essential to ensuring success and getting your hearing aids to work at it’s best.
  3. Counselling for you and your family.  Hearing loss affects not just the person with the impairment but their families as well.
  4. A warranty on the hearing aid that can range from one to three years.  This covers all repairs and services within the period.  We also offer a complimentary in-house cleaning once every six months in the warranty period.
  5. You may (almost always) need advice and have questions and queries well after the first few months of the fitting.  You are investing in an open and honest relationship with your hearing healthcare provider.
  6. Hearing aids are medical devices, there is a lot of research and development that goes into the design and technology.
  7. Every now and again, us audiologists may need another set of eyes when fitting or adjusting your hearing aids.  We have the experts at our disposal.  All reputable hearing aid manufacturers have audiologists on their team that are expertly trained in their range of hearing aids.  Your hearing healthcare professional is able to consult and even have one of these audiologists present during a fitting if there is need for it.
  8. Professional services:  An audiologist is a healthcare professional with at least an Honours degree (in South Africa).  It is often said that the worst hearing aid in the world will do more for a patient when it’s fitted by someone who knows what they are doing than the best hearing aid will do when fitted by someone who does not.  You are paying for the expert advice and recommendations from a professional.

Getting hearing aids is not like getting a car.  You pick up from the showroom and see a technician once a year or so for it’s service.   Your audiologist is your go-to person whenever you have difficulties no matter how small they are.  They help you and your family to communicate better and improve your quality of life.

So hopefully this answers your question about the cost of hearing aids.  Bare in mind that there are solutions available at different price points.  You always have options with a professional.

Til next time!  Toodles!



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