When to relocate your business

About a year ago, I took a very huge step and made the very daunting decision to move the location of my Pietermaritzburg practice.   It was difficult for so many reasons.  The practice is over 30 years old and has changed hands three times before I purchased it.  It was in its previous location for… Continue reading When to relocate your business


Why are hearing aids “expensive”?

So you've had your hearing tested and your hearing healthcare professional has given you some options.  The cost of the options is still ringing in your ears and your jaw is on the floor.  You think to yourself... "That kind of money for such a small thing?!  I would rather just not hear."   But… Continue reading Why are hearing aids “expensive”?

What is a Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid?

Maybe you have heard about bone-anchored hearing aids (or BAHA as it’s affectionately known as).  Your otorhinolaryngologist (ENT specialist) or audiologist may have mentioned it to you? Well, I am about to give you the low-down on BAHA.  It may sound like a mouthful but it’s a great solution for those who need it but… Continue reading What is a Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid?

How far has Hearing Aid Technology Progressed?

About four years ago, a patient of mine asked me if hearing aid companies were working on enabling hearing aids to pair directly with cellphones and other Bluetooth devices.  At the time, I thought:  well, that's a darn good question!  And since then, two things have happened, hearing aids have moved away from using Bluetooth… Continue reading How far has Hearing Aid Technology Progressed?